Transform Your Home or Business with a Skylight

In Two Hours, the Whole Room is Redecorated with Sunlight

Open your home to the beauty of natural light. The new Sun Tunnel is the easiest, most affordable way to add style, beauty and value to your home. With its patented Flexi-Tube, the Sun Tunnel can go where ordinary skylights can’t, delivering more light with far more efficiency and at a much lower cost. The Sun Tunnel is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets. Anywhere that needs more natural light. Save on energy bills, and give your home an even warmer, more inviting feeling throughout the day. A complete roof to ceiling skylight system that installs in less than two hours.

The Sun Tunnel pipes natural sunlight into otherwise dark areas of a house or office. The revolutionary skylight consists of three parts — a clear acrylic dome, a flexible reflective tube, and a new, improved energy-efficient dual diffuser. The rounded surface of the dome collects light from all angles. The light rays bounce over mirror-finished stainless steel rings and travel through the reflective tube to the diffuser, flooding the room below with natural light.

The Sun Tunnel comes in two sizes, 14″ & 21”. Installation takes just a few hours in an existing structure and less time in a building under construction.

“This product has been very well received,” Mike says. “It’s especially appealing because it has a one-piece, leak-proof flashing, is affordably priced, and installs quickly. By comparison, conventional skylights run $2,000 or $3,000 apiece with labor and installation costs and take up to a week to install in pre-existing homes.”

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